Creating a Community of Care

November 3, 2018
Inside-Out Peer Helping Curriculum and Training changes lives.  We have seen how our school climate and community has become more loving and caring.  Empowering students to lead is essential for life transformation.  We have seen that not only students are inspired, but also the adults who work with them. This video shows a glimpse of what our program can do.


See People From the Inside-Out

August 19, 2017
Peer Helpers work hard to connect with others on campus by leading Inside-Out Workshops. We hope to ensure that every person is seen and cared for.  Through team building, motivational talks, and challenge line activities we take time to love others one life at a time. We believe that building connections with others and taking time to see people from the inside-out will have a positive ripple effect. Make sure to be kind to everyone. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.


June 8, 2017
All of the years I have been an educator working with young people, I have taught the importance of RESPECT.   Many times we do not understand how important it is to give respect before getting respect.  We see many people today judging others by their appearance without every truly knowing their story. Take a minute to learn a lesson from a very special student of mine named David.  See people from the inside - out.  Our scars do not define us, they refine us.  Give respect.

Let's Get Real

December 4, 2016
Peer Helpers surveyed students to find out what was concerning teens the most.  It broke our hearts to find that some of the top concerns were depression, cyberbullying, anxiety, drugs, sexuality, prejudices concerning race and self image, etc.  We desire to ensure that all students feel cared for and valued.  Here is a short glimpse of the heart behind Couch Talk. We hope that others will find comfort and will choose to make a positive impact on the world around them.  "Be the Change"

Teachers Touch Lives

May 7, 2016
We often do not take the time to tell others the impact that they are having in our lives.  I want students to appreciate what teachers do to change lives. I created a lesson for Peer Helpers to give during teacher appreciation week to accomplish that. We lead discussions in classes and help students identify the qualities they love about each teacher. Then students create a word picture that describes their teacher.  Students speak out about the things they love most in their teachers.  

Every Person Counts

April 12, 2016
Inside-Out Peer Helpers teach students to see others from the inside out. Every year we see hundreds of students with our Inside-Out Challenge Day Workshops. As a teacher, I am always amazed at what a few dedicated individuals can do to touch hearts one life at a time.  We build community by creating a caring and loving environment. I am so thankful to bring to teens what I needed when I was in school. Every person matters, every person counts, and no one is invisible. Remember to never give up and never lose hope.

Never Settle For Less

October 20, 2015
I desire nothing more than for others to realize their worth and value.  This is the story of a father who wants his little girl to know that she is worth so much more than what she is settling for.  What things do we settle for, because we do not believe we deserve something better? C.S. Lewis said, "we go about like an ignorant child making mud pies in the slum, because we cannot fathom a holiday at sea."  Let's dream big and never settle for less. The world needs us at our best.

How to Spread Joy, Love & Happiness

February 28, 2015
Have you ever thought about the fact that each action we take leads to another positive or negative action?  I want to be as person that can spread positive feelings, thoughts and change.  When we take the time to encourage, love and notice others, we will cause a positive ripple effect. Look at what happens when we take time to help students encourage parents, grandparents & teachers. What if we noticed people who are hurting and reached out?  Here are some positive actions & the ripple effect that follows. Our Inside-Out Peer Helping Program is spreading a positive message.

Transformation from the Inside-Out

December 11, 2014
When I was a teenager I dreamed of a place where love would abound. I made it a personal goal to provide what I needed for others today. I am amazed at how precious lives become transformed from the Inside-Out when love is unleashed. Today I get to be in the place I dreamed and it is better than I imagined because each of us are growing every day to become all that we are meant to be. Here is a glimpse of our Inside-Out Peer Helper Program.

Find Your Voice

August 23, 2014
Great moments are meant to be shared.  My Peer Helping classroom is filled with them and I can't take the credit.  I am not the best teacher in my classroom.  Take 40 seconds and see why.  Thank you Ty for motivating us to want more for our lives.  I hope we all Find our Voice and inspire the world around us to grow in positive ways. "Be the Change."
Valerie Erb was a broken teen who turned her life around at the age of sixteen and has been helping others do the same ever since. After improving her life, she made a vow to help as many people as possible until the day she dies. She wants to be the person that she needed around when she was struggling. She has helped many through her roles as a public speaker, teacher, “at risk” student adviser/counselor, educational leadership trainer, in-service trainer, workshop facilitator and youth leader. She is very candid about the struggles she faced throughout her life.  She overcame many hardships and hopes to help others do the same. She imparts to each life she touches the hope of being restored from the inside-out.  She is most passionate about helping people become all they are meant to be. She wrote Inside-Out Peer Helping Curriculum while creating the Inside-Out Peer Helping Program, Training and Workshops in order to achieve that goal. She is thankful to have made meaningful connections world-wide. She would love to connect with anyone who wants to make a difference in the lives of others.  "Be the Change"

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