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A Life Story Look from the Inside-Out

Posted by Valerie Erb on Tuesday, January 31, 2012,
Take a moment to see people from the inside-out.  This is a raw moment from the Inside-Out Peer Helping Class. I want to say thanks to Michael for sharing his life with us.  In this 5 minute video we get a glimpse of how cruel words can hurt for a life time. Make the choice today to pass on kind words to others. We can improve the world one life at a time.
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Live-Laugh-Love...the Martian Kiss

Posted by Valerie Erb on Monday, January 30, 2012,
Laughter is medicine for the soul.  Knowing the pain many young people are facing today,  I hope to provide an atmosphere of joy even if it lasts only a few minutes.  When I was a hurting teen myself,  it was in the moments of laughter that my heart was restored.  I learned to martian kiss at my youth group & it brought so much joy to me. I am  thankful for my youth group years. It was then that I learned to live, laugh & love. I pass on the joy to you.
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Still becoming all they are meant for.

Posted by Valerie Erb on Saturday, January 14, 2012,
There is no greater honor than having former students surpass all you ever hoped you could become. Keenan Gibson & Drew Tawlks came to class today and I was struck with that feeling.  In this video Keenan shares through his poetry a part of who he was,  is and is becoming. Drew has been helping others as a missionary.  Drew inspires us to make a positive change.  This is a moment with two amazing guys who are still changing the world one life at a time.   
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Who Am I?

Posted by Valerie Erb on Monday, January 2, 2012,
Who am I to be writing a blog for others to read?  That is a question I ask myself as I sit here and face the new year.  The answer is simple.  I am no one special.  I am compelled to reach out to others by a promise I made as a 16 year old girl to help as many people as possible until the day I die.  I went through a lot as a child and turned my life around at 16. I still have scars inside from all the pain I experienced as a young woman.  I still have insecurities too. Rather than hide,  I ...
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Know you are loved.

Posted by Valerie Erb on Sunday, January 1, 2012,
This video is made in honor of all my past, present, and future students. I want to show each and every one of them how much they truly matter to me.  I always tell them that I cry after saying our final goodbye as our class ends, but they have never really seen what I feel when the room is empty.   I always challenge them to be transparent and I say that I must model for them what that means.  They truly leave a permanent imprint on my heart. They are my joy.  

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Valerie Erb was a broken teen who turned her life around at the age of sixteen and has been helping others do the same ever since. After improving her life, she made a vow to help as many people as possible until the day she dies. She wants to be the person that she needed around when she was struggling. She has helped many through her roles as a public speaker, teacher, “at risk” student adviser/counselor, educational leadership trainer, in-service trainer, workshop facilitator and youth leader. She is very candid about the struggles she faced throughout her life.  She overcame many hardships and hopes to help others do the same. She imparts to each life she touches the hope of being restored from the inside-out.  She is most passionate about helping people become all they are meant to be. She wrote Inside-Out Peer Helping Curriculum while creating the Inside-Out Peer Helping Program, Training and Workshops in order to achieve that goal. She is thankful to have made meaningful connections world-wide. She would love to connect with anyone who wants to make a difference in the lives of others.  "Be the Change"

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