Peer Helpers Bond With School Bus Drivers

August 20, 2014
Many students start and end their day on a school bus. If school bus drivers could see all students from the inside-out and students could see bus drivers from the inside-out, it would positively impact their attitudes toward each other. Our Peer Helping program decided to spend a day bonding with over 40 local school bus drivers. We led our Inside-Out Peer Helping Workshops and broke down walls while bonding. It is a day none of us will ever forget. We laughed, we loved and we learned a lot. Keep growing.

The Hug Effect

March 1, 2014
Have you ever watched what a hug can do for another person?  There is a ripple effect that is undeniable. I had the honor of  leading Inside-Out Peer Helpers in making positive connections and spreading  love by sharing free hugs on campus. What I captured in this small video is priceless.  We started with a school wide Inside-Out Peer Helping assembly teaching about loving others and then took our mission to the campus.  Always remember that a hug can make someone's day.

Spread the Love

February 1, 2014
Inside-Out Peer Helpers learn the 5 Languages of Love. I encourage each student to take action and spread the love everyday. Here are four Peer Helpers who take LOVE to the community. This short video will teach you love languages, warm your heart and cause you to want to spread the love too! Join us as we love people one life at a time. Live, Laugh, Love, Learn = Peer Helping 

Making Hearts at Home

April 13, 2013
Connor was a foster student in my Peer Helping class.  I learned the importance of making a home for kids in our lives and in our hearts.  This is a touching story of many loving people coming together all for the sake of one.  Connor taught us the importance to fight for those we love.  Connor found a real home through a teacher at school and is now enlisted in the army to fight for all of us if ever needed.  We can never underestimate the power of making a tender heart feel at home.

People are longing for deep & lasting connection

March 21, 2013
Today as I shared a portion of this talk with girls at an assembly, I noticed the tears in their eyes.  We are all longing for deep and lasting connections in our lives.  We need to be reminded that our lives are so important and that they are important to someone we may not even know yet.  It is okay to guard our hearts and preserve our stickiness.  That person will be forever grateful to have us at our best.  We just may be the one they hope to stick to for the rest of their life.

Hope Beyond Gangs

March 19, 2013
Jose was jumped into a gang at 13 years old.  I had the honor of teaching him & watching him change from the inside-out.  This is his story and how he started peer helping others to find a way out of gang violence.  He become a part of Inside-Out Peer Helping in the early stages and found a family in Peer Helping and has a better life today.

Facing Addiction

March 10, 2013
The people who can be helped are the ones who admit they need it. I am still touched by this young man's willingness to be so open about something so personal.  The truth is that secret addictions slowly rob us of joy and peace.  Tyler thank you for your bravery.  You have helped so many others face their own secret additions, by your willingness to face yours.

Don't Settle for Less

April 28, 2012
Why do so many think that they don't deserve the best? I ache when I see someone settle for less. Value your life. The world needs you.  This video captures the heart of never settling.  See that your life is a gift and what you do with your life is your gift back to the world.  Give the world what it needs - You at your best!  Don't settle for cheap imitations.

Notice People from the Inside-Out

April 28, 2012
We need to notice people and treat them with value.  They may be hurting and still dealing with it. They may be tempted to seek out any way to escape pain in their life. They may feel unloved and ignored. Take time today to love & learn about what is inside of others. There is no better exercise than repairing broken hearts. If we see someone as a precious gift in this world, they just may be able to live like one.  Each heart has riches to excavate.  Remember, God never wastes a hurt.

Stay Young at Heart

February 20, 2012

Stay young at heart.  John Piches, RHS 1939 graduate & WWII vet, embodies that statement.  He said, “I spent a lot of time in the principal's office when I was in school.  It wasn’t because I was bad.  I just know how to have fun.” We spent a day with this amazing man who spreads love, cheer and warmth with every word.    He believed we can all be peer helpers.  We will miss Mr. Piches and the love he shared so freely.

Valerie Erb was a broken teen who turned her life around at the age of sixteen and has been helping others do the same ever since. After improving her life, she made a vow to help as many people as possible until the day she dies. She wants to be the person that she needed around when she was struggling. She has helped many through her roles as a public speaker, teacher, “at risk” student adviser/counselor, educational leadership trainer, in-service trainer, workshop facilitator and youth leader. She is very candid about the struggles she faced throughout her life.  She overcame many hardships and hopes to help others do the same. She imparts to each life she touches the hope of being restored from the inside-out.  She is most passionate about helping people become all they are meant to be. She wrote Inside-Out Peer Helping Curriculum while creating the Inside-Out Peer Helping Program, Training and Workshops in order to achieve that goal. She is thankful to have made meaningful connections world-wide. She would love to connect with anyone who wants to make a difference in the lives of others.  "Be the Change"

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