Contact Valerie Erb if you are interested in getting started with Inside-Out Peer Helping™ training and curriculum.   She is ready to help you build an effective Peer Helper Program.  You are also invited to join Peer Helpers International which is a growing Peer Helping community committed to working together to build strong Peer Helping Programs.  Join us in making a difference through leading, learning and loving others one life at a time. Let us start something life changing together. 

Inside-Out Peer Helping™ Life Stories Book Suggested Donation Below

$ 15.00 USD

This book was written to help you to see others from the  inside out. We never really know someone until we take the time to walk in their shoes.  As you hear our stories and walk in our shoes, we encourage you to open up and share your story. Whatever it is you are facing in the present or have experienced in the past- YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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