“I am so glad that I was able to attend the Anti-Bullying Assembly.  Your Peer Helper Program has made a huge impact on Emily, and therefore me,, as well. She is now able to see people in a different light.  Peer Helping truly makes a difference.”  Jennifer, Parent

Thank you for the Inside-Out Peer Helping Website.  It has changed my life forever and I am so thrilled to see teenagers through different eyes now.  I will be very careful not to judge and try to be there to love and respect them.  Karen, Parent

“Thank you so much for everything you do!  You made an extremely tough time feel a little bit better for me, and I am appreciative.  The kids are lucky to have you, and so are we! The more effects I see from your Peer Helping Program with the kids, the more I appreciate what YOU do for our community.”  David, High School Staff

“I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate and  love the peer helping program. I enjoyed my time today during parent day and to be able to take a peek into the world of these students and their class. As a fellow teacher who works and sees the trials even younger kiddos go through I think the Inside-Out Peer Helping Program is a wonderful!”  Tammie, Elementary Teacher & Parent

“Awesome Assembly.  Nothing but positive feedback yesterday and today from my classes.  It was a perfect intro into our Health lessons about bullying and abuse.”  Hank, Teacher

“Valerie is multi-talented and the most effective educator and counselor I have ever worked with.” Bonnie, School Principal

“Any program would only benefit from the involvement of Mrs. Erb. I would highly recommend her.” S. Lee Funk, Ed D., District Superintendent

“Mrs. Erb makes me think about the way I want my life to be.” Kelsi, 10th grade student

“I hope Mrs. Erb comes again. I don’t tease people anymore. I liked when Ray said sorry to me. It felt good” Holly, 4th grade student

“Thanks to Mrs. Erb for teaching us about Respect. Mrs. Erb taught us that it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, what matters is inside.” Camille, 6th grade student

“It is apparent that Valerie cares for students and they respond with interest, respect and affection.” Dr. John O White, Professor, California State University

“I really enjoyed the Inside-Out Peer Helping training.  It was very helpful and I am looking forward to using your ideas not just for my leadership class.  I am in the process of speaking with administration about the importance of having a peer helping program.”   Jessica, Leadership Teacher

“A snowball on the tip of an iceberg.  Your students are blessed to be in this Peer Helping program with you running it.  May there be more like it.“ Tim, Bus Driver

“I can’t explain the true help you give us and everyone you see.  You bring warmth and help.”  Kate, Student

“Thank you for opening my eyes up to everyone’s problems.  You have made me think differently about people.  I now know how to give respect.”  James



“Mrs. Erb is really great and she seems to be able to talk to kids and get them to open up even when they start off belligerent and tough. My son, who is a 15 year old who was suspended for an alcohol related incident, decided on his own to keep meeting in group sessions with her.”  Linda, Parent of a High School Student

"So inspired and loved watching my kids get inspired through you and your team. I feel like with the your training, I have an opportunity to make our school a place where kids feel respected, liked, and valued by their peers!" Liz, Teacher

"Such a powerful video and such a positive, uplifting blog.  I'd like to share the video with our high schools and in our bully prevention training."    Celeste, Coordinator of Educational Services

“I wanted to thank you kindly for welcoming the Granite Bay peer helping students today. I believe it was very influential. My daughter was very touched by the kindness of you and your class and feels that you all are a model that GBHS should strive to mimic.  After hearing so many wonderful and positive things from my daughter after just a short visit, I just had to reach out and express my gratitude to you, your class and the wonderful job you are doing with the youth of this generation.” Jeff,  parent

“When I clicked on your insideoutpeerhelping site,  I  was moved and inspired.  Your student stories and your writing brought me to tears as I kept on reading.” Cindy, Middle School Teacher

“Thank you so much for training us on your awesome Peer Mentoring program.  We cannot wait to get it off the ground this Fall.  Being a school social worker and working with kids struggling with certain teachers, I know that the ones the kids connect with as people, are the ones most respected and the ones with the least amount of behavior issues in the classroom.  So thank you for connecting and  making story telling the highlight of the training.”  Cristina, Social Work,  Educator

"After watching some of the Inside-Out Peer Helping YouTube videos, I can see very clearly that is it really important to not judge anyone and realize that teenagers really do need us to love them.” Karen, Parent

I am so thankful for you and  the Peer Helping Program.  You have taught not only our children but also us parents. We have learned to make every day count. Appreciate every moment and take from those moments everything that we possibly can.  Lisa, Parent

“Such an amazing experience at the Parent Workshop! Wish I had  Peer Helping when I was in school. Thanks for making a difference in our children's lives!”  Art, Parent

“I got a text from my freshman daughter today asking if she could contact Mrs. Erb and Peer Helpers to talk to her about some "stuff" that is on her mind with bullying! She said Mrs. Erb and other kids spoke out about their experiences and now she doesn’t feel like the only one. Now she can’t wait to be a peer helper!”  Freshman Parent

“Thank you for everything that Peer Helpers have done.   You have saved many lives - including mine.”  Anonymous

“Thank you for making our school a better place.”   Christina

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